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It has been another busy week for Homewood students and staff. Google hangouts is increasingly used and some students are working at great speed through the work we are posting to them. Lynne has devised a system for collecting students’ work so that teachers can mark it and provide some feedback. We have been impressed by our students who are managing to stay on task which must be very hard when they are not in school. 
We have a small number of students who are attending for a session on an individual basis at the PRU. This has given them a break from home learning, a chance to catch up with staff  and some one to one lessons. When at the PRU we are all being careful  to practice social distancing, clean surfaces and ensure that people are regularly washing their hands for 20 seconds. 
Staff communicate regularly with one another and not a day goes by without somebody saying how much they miss Homewood and the students. Next week we will be sending a story video to students called ‘The seagull has landed’. I can’t tell you much more as I don’t want to spoil the surprise! 
All Homewood staff send their best wishes to you and your families.
We look forward being back together again in the future

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