Supporting a child with anxiety and building resilience

I’d like to let you know about a series of free online workshops that we’re running to support parents/carers whose children may be struggling with anxiety, self-esteem and with showing resilience. 

The sessions are for small groups of parents/carers who would like to support a child who is troubled by anxious thoughts and behaviours, and to develop strategies to build resilience.

 Feedback from parents has been very positive:

 “Listened to our concerns and gave us some great advice and tools.”

“Gave me confidence in my parenting skills.”

“It was good to meet other parents going through similar things with their children.”

“Gave practical tips as well as reassurance. I feel I’m better able to support my child with their anxiety.”

Supporting a child with anxiety (2 x 75 minute sessions):

  • Recognise the signs of anxiety and anxious behaviours
  • Find the language to discuss worries with children
  • Get practical tips to support a child through anxious thinking. The sessions encourage parents to reflect on their responses to their child’s anxiety to help the family make progress

 Date of workshops:

Mondays 7 and 14 June 10-11.15am

Tuesdays 15 and 22 June 1-2.15pm   

 Building a child’s resilience (3 x 1 hour sessions):

  • Parents can learn ways to help a child to make sense of their feelings, not be overwhelmed by them and to self-regulate
  • Encourages parents to reflect on their expectations of their child
  • Shows parents how to build a positive mind-set in their child so they’re not afraid of failing   

Date of workshops:

Tuesdays 8, 15 and 22 June 10-11am

Tuesdays 29 June and 6 and 13 July 10-11am

Parents and carers can book by email:, or  by visiting Family learning online classroom (