New accredited course engages students in a different kind of learning

Students at Homewood have been engaging in a range of practical and vocational activities to work towards their ASDAN Personal Development Programme award. Progress has been good and we have seen an increase in attendance and engagement in this type of learning.

ASDAN Update: Autumn 2021

At Homewood we offer a curriculum that offers a different kind of learning to engage and excite our students . In September 2021 we launched the ASDAN Personal Development Programme (PDP) to our KS4 learners. The aim was to widen and raise expectations of what all students could achieve as well as offering a broader curriculum to those who struggle to attend school regularly.

A different kind of learning

The ASDAN PDP is a nationally recognised qualification that enables students to demonstrate
practical and vocational achievements to future educators or employers. The course enables students to develop skills that will be invaluable in the workplace, and when they begin to lead independent lives. These core skills include; teamwork, independent learning, coping with problems and using Maths, English and ICT.

Building skills for life

To date Homewood’s ASDAN students show increased attendance and have completed 21 core tasks in only 7 weeks, this is a huge achievement. It has helped the school to be more inclusive and innovative in our curriculum offering. The more practical learning style has engaged a previously hard to reach
cohort and strong progress has been made in the Sport and Leisure, Health and Survival, Home Management and World of Work modules.
Students have been learning about life on Middle Farm, building overnight shelters, working in the school garden, cooking some amazing Italian food, brushing up on their administration skills in the school office and learning the many different routes into the 21st century job market.

A broader curriculum = greater inclusion

The ASDAN PDP is part of our plan to keep on boosting attendance and engagement. Inclusion of Food Tech and Photography GCSE qualifications also show how our curriculum is constantly evolving to better
serve our students.
Next term our ASDAN group have even more to look forward and we hope to be able to submit our first Bronze Award. Watch this space!