We offer a range of therapy services for our students across Central Hub Brighton.

Alexis McGlone

I am a therapist at Homewood and the Primary PRU. I have worked at both sites for almost two years and have really enjoyed my time with all the staff and students. I am a trained integrative Arts Psychotherapist and that means that I use as many ways as possible to support and have fun with the children I work with. I believe that making strong connections with young people, makes strong young people.

Pip McGrath

I work at the Dyke Road PRU two days a week and I offer weekly sessions to everyone during their time at the PRU. My sessions are private and confidential and students can talk, make art, or play games.
I work for the YMCA and I have worked with children and young people for over 15 years. I have a Masters in Art Therapy and I enjoy using creative activities to help people think about things that might be worrying them.  

Lucie Broadbent-Smith
Safeguarding Lead

I have held pastoral roles in schools for over 10 years, focusing on attendance, behaviour and safeguarding. I have a BA Hons in Art and Music and qualifications in Counselling and Art Therapy. I also taught Art at The Connected Hub for over five years. In September 2019 I became the Safeguarding Lead, supporting the whole staff across the Central Hub Brighton. Before working in schools my roles included community event manager, youth leader and art workshop facilitator. Outside of school, I sing backing vocals for a covers band and love spending time gardening. I enjoy my commute over the downs, as I live outside Brighton.

Heather Sharp

I am the therapist at The Connected Hub. I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist and I specialise in creative approaches to help young people who have emotional or mental health difficulties to get a better understanding of themselves. I provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space for weekly sessions or a drop-in service for anyone who needs to talk. I am at the Connected Hub on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Ellis English-Smith
Speech & Language Therapist

I work with students from three years old, all the way up to sixteen.  Speech and Language in schools looks at students’ communication, from the sounds we make into words, all the way through to understanding sarcasm.  My job is to identify any areas of communication which students would benefit from development in, to provide support, help students build awareness of their strengths and difficulties, and assist teaching staff in providing differentiated support.

I have a special interest in social, emotional and mental health and the connection with language; and am working on continually developing my knowledge and skills in this area.