Weather Warning

I am writing to you with regards to the Amber Weather Alert you may have heard about in the news that is expected to affect the South East area. The local authorities have written to schools asking us to give consideration to the potential impact of the storm, which includes damage to buildings and the impact the very strong winds may have on travel plans.  

As we plan our response to this developing situation I am keen to give you as much notice as possible about how this might affect the school day tomorrow. We will review the safety of each site in the morning to ensure staff and students can travel to school safely. 

We will notify you of any changes. If you do not hear from us then assume the sites are open as usual however there may be some disruption to public and taxi transport.

Site Moves

Please be aware of our new site locations for PRU Primary and PRU KS3. For more details go to our contact us pages on this site

School Inset

Please note there are whole school inset days on 26th and 27th June