Staff Team – KS4

Tim Self
Head of School

I have worked in Brighton and Hove since 1997 and am proud to be Head of School at the Central Hub PRU. I work with a dedicated team of professionals who strive to improve the education and lives of our students. I was originally a mainstream music teacher before moving into specialist educational settings and play music regularly in a variety of bands.

More recently I focused on PSHE and Food Technology as a teacher, with the occasional PE and activities session thrown in to keep my joints moving. I have a partner, a son and a dog – Coco, who comes to school every day to hear children read, support learning and be taken for walks.  

Rosie Reekie
Head of KS4

I am KS4 Lead at the PRU and also teach Science. I have been a teacher for 30 years and met many young people along the way. It is the interactions with these young people that make my job interesting, rewarding, amusing and worthwhile. I have a Science degree and a Masters in Education and have always enjoyed studying myself.  More recently I have been attending art classes and taking guitar lessons which have been a challenge. I have worked at the PRU for two years, with an amazing team of colleagues. The young people keep me on my toes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, it is a pleasure to be a part of their lives.

School Dog

I am Coco and have worked at the Connected PRU since I was four months old. I am a Labradoodle and my role in the school is to work with students to help them read, cuddle them when they need a friend and be taken for walks.
I also try to help the staff with their learning and keep the Head of School happy (this is the hardest job).
I am especially good at tail wagging and begging for food. Most of the students are well trained and don’t feed me however some of the staff are soft touches, especially around key stage 4.
I love being at the PRU and often refuse to leave at the end of the day.

Amanda James
Maths Teacher

I have been a teacher of Mathematics, for ages 11 to 16 years, for the past 9 years. I am very passionate about Maths and its application in real life. My education background is Project Management within the Construction Industry and I studied Construction for 8 years. I am a wife and mother of four daughters and I love spending time with my family. I became a teacher to help young people develop their love of learning and to encourage them to appreciate that they can become whatever they desire to be. It is an absolute pleasure and honour to be part of a young person’s education and growth.

Julie Melia
Food and Nutrition Teacher

I started teaching in 1987, working in London schools for 15 years. I taught Sociology and History, and vocational courses including Leisure & Tourism and Health & Social Care.

Since moving to Brighton in 2003, I have worked with young people excluded from mainstream education. I was Head of Key Stage 4, but have had a change of pace this year, working across CHB sites, teaching GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. I can now combine my love of food and cooking with working with young people who need an alternative setting in which to learn and thrive.

Clare Connelly
Art Teacher

I have worked in education for 16 years and this is my second year at Central Hub Brighton, working with Art students. This year, we have worked on many different projects, including spray painting, Indian patterns, feminist art and work inspired by dogs and horses. I am committed to helping students to overcome barriers to learning and encouraging them to choose their own starting points. The Art GCSE course is great because it allows students to express themselves and have fun. I am married, with two sons. I have two dogs and three chickens. I love art, gardening, reading and cooking.

Natalie Cherubini

I started working at The Central Hub in 2020 and haven’t looked back! I am a qualified secondary school teacher and have over 18 years’ experience working in secondary school settings. I have taught in secondary schools in Merseyside, Scotland and London before moving to Brighton in 2003. I was Humanities Subject Leader at Patcham House School, working with children with SEN for 10 years, so working at The Central Hub feels very natural. I took a break from teaching to focus on raising my own family, but when the chance to become a TA at the KS4 PRU arose, I was grateful for the opportunity to work alongside a brilliant team and amazing students. Outside of school I enjoy music, reading, hiking and seeing friends.

Jago Menadue
Teaching Assistant

I have been a teaching assistant since the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year. I am a Brighton local having moved here as a baby from London. My background is in Film production which I studied in Cardiff for 4 years where I left with a degree. I have worked in many different vocations from customer service to free-lance film work. I applied to work at the KS4 PRU because I love working with young people and have always had a passion for education. I am lucky to have such a fantastic collection of students and colleagues to work with.