Welcome to Central Hub Brighton

Vision Statement

Central Hub Brighton is committed to delivering a bespoke alternative education for each and every pupil, where developing positive relationships is paramount. A firm emphasis on improving pupil well-being, self-confidence and engagement, using a trauma-informed model so that good personal and academic progress is achieved, will always remain a central priority. This is supported with high quality teaching and excellent pastoral care.  We want our pupils to acquire and develop key skills and values which prepare them for the future.

Our Values and Ethos

We firmly believe that a school should be more than just a place of learning. The staff at Central Hub Brighton work hard to ensure that our provisions are also places where our communities of children and young people, flourish and succeed. We recognise that success comes from us all working together

Bespoke Education | Positive Relationships | Preparation for the Future 

Bespoke Education 

All of our Central Hub Brighton provisions aim to provide a compassionate and affirming environment where all our pupils are valued and championed through a personalised curriculum which challenges and encourages individuals to achieve their potential. Each child, no matter which provision they attend, will be provided with a bespoke timetable which supports them individually to succeed. 

We aim to provide a wide curriculum offer within all of our provisions which promotes pupil progress; both academically and socially. We provide a variety of opportunities to enable pupils to re-engage with their education in different settings whether it is back at a mainstream school, a specialist school or within a post-16 education or employment setting. 

Positive Relationships 

At Central Hub Brighton, all staff work in a relationship based, trauma informed way to guide our pupils with empathy, so that they can make informed and positive decisions about how they learn and how they can achieve their aspirations in the future. We are committed to providing an environment which promotes inclusion, equality and fairness and we encourage our pupils to make positive changes for themselves, for our school community and for society. 

Preparation for the Future 

We offer every pupil a fresh-start within any of our Central Hub provisions. Our focus is on the future of our children and young people, with an emphasis on building upon their hopes and ambitions to help make them a reality. 

We undertake to give our pupils a range of opportunities to learn about who they are as individuals, to learn about their strengths and challenges so that we can assist them to grow as confident individuals and to be ready for moving on to the next phase of their education, whether that is a return to a mainstream or specialist setting, or a post-16 placement.