Forest and Beach School

 November Forest School

Using the flint and steels to light our ‘dragon snot’

Despite the heavy rain, Hawks class have been practicing their skills at using ‘strike-a-lites’- also known as flint and steels- to light fires.  The group used their ‘dragon sneezes’ (the flint and steels) to light their ‘dragon’s snot’ (cotton wool and Vaseline).   This was then placed into the fire pit, expertly maintained by Miss Black.  But then the rain came down and the group sheltered. Time for a hot chocolate and biscuit, made and served by the pupils.

We made reindeer and Christmas trees from materials found in the forest

The pupils have also been using forest school tools, secateurs and palm drills to make seasonal decorations.  The pupils found and cut the wood, drilled the holes and threaded the string and beads.

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