Welcome – Primary PRU

Central Hub Brighton, Primary Pupil Referral Unit (CHB Primary PRU) is a welcoming, caring and compassionate school. We accept everybody for who they are and endeavour to help pupils feel wanted, worthwhile, heard, valued and important. We strive to help pupils understand their behaviours and learn pro-social ways of expressing their feelings and managing their emotions.

We are a small school, comprising of 24 places, split into four groups; an upper KS2 group, a lower KS2 group, a cognition, communication and learning group and a nurture group for students who have previously been unable to engage in group learning.

14 of our places are for pupils for whom we are their full time school, these pupils have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) naming us as their full time school placement.

We also have 10 places for pupils on PRU placements, these pupils have 12 week placements at our school which are reviewed with a view to them returning to their mainstream parent school.

We have a strong team of dedicated and talented people who are all excellent at their jobs and have the kind, caring and nurturing attitudes and abilities required to ensure we have a school where pupils feel they belong and parents are happy to send their children.

We are proud that our school is viewed as a safe haven, a place where many who have struggled in different environments can succeed, a place where parents are listened to and we all work together to ensure improved outcomes for families.

Craig Nicholson (Head of Primary)

Tim Self (Head Teacher)