Transition to The Connected Hub

Join Guy and Viv for a video tour of The Connected Hub. We hope that in doing so, you’ll become familiar with the building before you eventually arrive for an induction meeting.

Click on this link:

A Different Kind of Learning:

Check out this video too. This shows you some of the activities which our current students got up to during our ‘Different Kind of Learning’ week in December last year. It might look like the students were just having a lot of fun – and they were. Look for Guy who was not enjoying the roller coaster ride quite so much!

However, students were actually carrying out research into how to promote Brighton & Hove’s attractions to visitors. The creation of this video was part of the project (they were also involved in the editing and the music selection). The students were keen for you to see this as they hope you’ll see that we do a lot more than just prepare you for your GCSEs! We like to get you out and about for some learning in the outside world too…

(Our thanks to the Leavers 2020′ students – you are awesome!)

Next year, we want the videos on this page to feature you and your successful year at The Connected Hub.