Welcome – PRU KS4

Welcome to the Central Hub Brighton Pupil Referral Unit.

The PRU works with primary and secondary children and young people experiencing difficulties at their mainstream school, at risk of permanent exclusion or having been permanently excluded.

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff ensure that our pupils are at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment where everyone is valued and encouraged to respect themselves and others. We recognise strengths and individual needs through our personalised and flexible provision, offering a rich learning environment with a strong emphasis on therapeutic support that enables our pupils to re-engage with learning and help them to maximise their potential.

We work in partnership with families and professionals to provide a strong team around the individual and a better understanding of their strengths and needs.

Alongside our core curriculum, an important aspect of our work is helping students understand how the brains functions in order to give them the tools to moderate and choose different behaviours. In doing this we work together to open minds to new learning experiences, build resilience and self-esteem and ensure they are equipped for the next steps in their education; whether this be a return to mainstream school, specialist provision or, post 16 options.

I hope that the information on our website gives you an insight into the fantastic work of the Central Hub Brighton PRU, the achievements and positive experiences of the pupils who attend, and the endeavour and commitment of the staff who work here.

Tim Self – Head Teacher

Rosie Reekie – KS4 lead