Falcons Overview

Autumn 1 All about me and Black History

In this first half term we will be finding out about each other. We will have a PSHE focus where we will discuss and write about ourselves. We will take part in lots of Speaking and Listening activities where we learn about our likes and dislikes.

We will use ‘The Hidden Chimp’ by Prof. Steve Peters to help us understand our behaviour and how our brain works. We will identify and try to understand our own emotions and how our ‘Hidden Chimps’ to our ‘big feelings.’

We will start our ‘Where we are in the World’ topic by exploring our local environment. We will look at physical landscape features such as the beach, mountains (Devils’ Dyke) and rivers.

We will then move on to celebrate Black History Month. We will learn about a key figure in Black History and the present day along with learning about racism and how we can tackle racism if we witness it. In art, we will design anti-racism posters and tee-shirts and send entries to an anti – racism competition.

We will learn about how eating a balanced diet can make us stronger both physically and mentally. We will prepare a range of healthy snacks and meals.

Autumn 2 ‘Where we are in the World’ and Bonfire Night

In the second half of the Autumn term, we are going to be continuing our ‘Where we are in the world’ topic. We will use maps to locate the UK, the continents, and Italy. We will compare the UK to Italy both in terms of physical landscape features and in terms of human lives.

We will continue to think about our ‘hidden chimps’ and how we can respond appropriately to our big feelings. We will learn about our sensory needs and how these will differ from person to person.

This half term we will learn about the origins of Bonfire Night and how we mark this nowadays. We will produce artwork inspired by fireworks. We will discuss the importance of staying safe on Bonfire Night.

Spring 1 Traditional tales 

We will read a range of traditional tales and re-tell them in our own words. We will read the play ‘Stone Soup’, looking at the layout of a script and how it is different to a story. We will plan and perform a puppet show of our favourite traditional tale.

We will learn about the seasons and link this to our Traditional Tales; particularly looking at The Ice Queen. We will learn about Polar landscapes and the creatures that live in these harsh environments.

We will cook gingerbread people and make our own ‘stone soup’ in cooking.

We will continue to learn about our Hidden Chimps as we start to think about situations at home and school that we often find difficult. We will think of strategies to help us manage our emotions and behaviours in these situations.

Spring 2 The Great Fire of London

In this term we will research what it was like in London in 1666. We will learn how to carry out a Google search and how to stay safe on the Internet. We will learn about The Great Fire of London and use this in our own sentence writing.

We will move on to think about what London is like in 2024 as a modern capital city.

In art we will produce silhouettes using a combination of chalks and cut paper. In DT we will learn about axles, chassis and wheels as we make fire engines.

Summer 1 Castles

We will look at some famous castles from around the world as well as some closer to home. We will learn the different features of castles and be able to label a castle diagram. In English we will write a set of instructions on how to attack or defend a castle.

In art & DT we will have a go at sketching when we visit Lewes Castle as well as designing and building our own castles.

Summer 2 Moving on (PSHE)

This term we will focus on how we are changing, growing up, and what happens next. We will read a range of stories to support work around celebrating how we are all different and being accepting of these differences.